content writing tools for SEO 

best content writing tools for SEO 

In this post, I will share with you the best content writing tools for SEO. As in the previous post, I had shared what is content writing and how can you make your profession in different sectors by content writing. 

Content writing is not just about writing anything that you want to write. Content writing is an art where we write our idea, knowledge, experience to help query our targeted audience.  

Just, think that we have ideas knowledge, skills, and content, but we are not good at writing. We make many mistakes when we start to write anything.  

Now if I’m not mistaken, When we start to write blogs or create our business site first, we want to rank on SERP.

But, if we haven’t quality content on our site or in our blog, then it is not possible to rank on SERP. 

So, when we start content writing, we should focus on the quality of content. There should be no errors in our content.  

These errors could be of any type. such as spelling errors, grammar errors, plagiarism, lack of readability, and most important for digital marketing is SEO score. 

If you want to remove all these errors from our content and want to write fresh and quality content for our blogs or article then in this post you will find all your solution to all these problems.

Here I am going to tell you multiple best content writing tools for SEO, that will increase your SEO and readability score. That is important to rank your site or post on SEO. 

content writing tools for Headlines analyzer 

When do we start to write our post or article the first thing that comes to our mind that which title we should choose for our post or article?

Because it always is the first reflection of your site. if your content has an engaging title, then the user will click and go through with your post. 

   So, here I’m sharing some best content writing tools that will help you find the idea of the title for your blog. 

 Hubspot blog idea generator

This tool helps to find SEO-friendly title ideas for our post or blog.  This tool comes with the free version and paid version. With the help of paid version, we get a year of blog idea and a free version that gives a week of a blog idea. 

We can simply use this tool by typing into a search engine. this is a user-friendly tool. We can get multiple titles for related keywords. That is important for SEO.


The hoth is a free Title generator tool. We can create headlines for our blogs. This tool provides you with many fantastic titles for your article. 

We can generate headline ideas based on keywords, desired outcomes, targeted audience, and industry. This tool is considered an all-important component for an effective title. 


tyb tweak your biz is also a title generator tool.  We just enter the topic of our keyword. and it provides a title related to our keyword. this is also a free tool.  

This tool provides results in the form of a list, questions, how to from, and so many options. We choose the topic based on our niche and goal. 

portent content idea generator

This is a free marketing tool that helps in content writing. You can simply use this tool by login.  Just submit keywords or terms of your content and this tool provides the various titles for our article or blog post.

headline analyzer

This tool helps to find SEO-friendly headlines for our article or blog. We can add this tool to the chrome extension.  

We can create a free account with this tool, after logging in just enter the title associated with your keyword and this tool provides several title ideas for your content.

 Answer the public tool

This tool is mostly used for SEO-friendly titles. With this tool, we can find what people are asking about their queries.  

You can get an instant search that what our customer looking for. We just enter any word and this tool provides multiple search queries related to that word. 

buzz sumo

This tool is mostly used for content research related to your keyword. You can simply use this tool by sigh in. We can find content by simply typing brand domain URL or topic.  

   This tool will show the result of engagement on various platforms that are related to your topic. You can filter the result according to the time date country and language.

content writing tools for English improvement

When we start writing then, commonly, we make lots of grammar and spelling errors. But here I will share the best software for writers. By using this software, you can easily correct the spelling and grammatical errors in your content.


Grammarly amazing tool for content writing. This tool auto-corrects the grammatical and spelling errors from your content. This tool comes in a free and paid version.  

But the free version is enough for use. We can add the extension of this tool in our Crome, google, Firefox, and Ms word.

This software checks spelling, grammar, syntax, vocab, and passive voice. Which is most important for Seo content writing.

free spell check

This tool checks all the statics of our content such as character, word line, error, auto-correct, etc. We can print or download our content. This is a free tool for spelling and grammar checking.

content uniqueness checker

When we write an article or blog post for our site then it is important to check plagiarism of content. All these best content writing tools for SEO will make your content unique.

Google has a great data source. And when Google finds that your content is copied with someone’s content or your content is not unique. Then Google does not rank your content. And most possibly he could block your site. 

 So, It is important that when we write an article or post first, we should check the plagiarism of the content. Here I am writing about some tools that will help you to check the uniqueness of your content.

 plagiarism checker

This is a plagiarism checker tool. We simply copy our content and paste the content into this tool. This tool checks the uniqueness of every line in your content. This is a free tool that is the best article writer software.

web fx

This is a readability tool. We just paste our content in web fx and it will show the readability result of your content. 

  This tool checks the readability label of your content, that your content is easy to read for a Wich-level audience.

This tool configures the readability of your content on various statics and provides an overall readability score of your content.

This is a creative writing tool. You can track your writing by using this tool. This is a magic tool for new writers. This tool tells how much and where you wrote. Highlights your error and gives possible corrections for your content.  

In this tool, your set your number of words. And unless you write that number of words, neither you can see your content nor edit it. But as soon as word count is complete, it highlights the error and its correction in the content.


uncheck is a plagiarism checking tool. We can use this tool by creating an account. It is a paid tool. But we can use some features of this software is the free version also. This tool checks the uniqueness of your content. 

We can use this tool for personal use, or educational purpose. And if we are writing content for any business then this tool helps to make original and real content. 


This tool is also used for plagiarism. The tool detects the plagiarism of your content. And identifies the copied content from anywhere and highlights the copied content. 

It comes in free and paid versions. The free version comes with some limitations and the premium version comes with some extra features, that automatically check the originality and plagiarism of your content.


This is the best content writing tool for SEO. This tool checks the plagiarism of our content and makes our writing original. If we are writing for SEO then we should not write without such types of tools. 

This free article writer tool is highly used by professionals for checking the uniqueness of content. We just copy our content and paste it in quetext,  and this software will check the plagiarism of your content.

 cliche finder

cliche finder is also the best software for writers. This tool highlights the cliches in the content and provides multiple replacement options. 

by using this tool, we can give uniqueness to our content.  this tool improves our writing and communication skills by highlighting the widely used phrases.  

we can paste our content in the cliche finder tool.  this tool highlights possible spelling mistakes. and highlight word choice results for the replacement.

 hemingway app

This is really the best content writing tool for Seo. This tool increases the Seo and readability score of your content. 

 This tool highlights the multiple types of error in multi-colors such as green, pink, yellow, and blue. This error includes such as grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, active and passive voice mistakes, adverbs, phrases, and difficulty scores of your content. 

 rankmath tool

rank math is the best content marketing tool for Seo. This is a plugin of WordPress, which we can simply install and make our WordPress website Seo friendly. 

   This tool checks the SEO and readability score of our content. And gives a score out of 100. this is the best content writing tool for SEO.

 yoast seo tool

This is also a WordPress plugin for Seo and readability check. This tool makes our content Seo friendly, which is important for ranking our content on SERP. This tool works as a rank math tool.

 We set our focus keyword, meta title, and description for our content. That is shown on the search result page.

content writing tools for the overall content

when we start content writing it is important for the SEO purpose that overall content should be clear and easy to understand.

We face so many barriers when we start writing such as language, spelling, tense, etc. which type of them we should use is also important for SEO content writing.

here is a list of content writing tools for SEO that will help in your overall content. you can make SEO-friendly content by using all these tools.


thesaurus works as a dictionary:  this is an amazing software for blog and article writers. This tool works like a dictionary. 

this tool provides synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, and the meaning of any word. That stops the reptation of a single word. And create uniqueness in our content.

 typewriter io

  This is simply a writing tool.  we can edit our content from this tool. And we can share and connect our content or document directly on social media platforms.  

This is a designed content writing tool for web writers. mostly useful for the poem, book, and novel writers. stackedit help to increase your writing experience.

You can style your text in italic or bold, and ordered the list. This tool has a smart and easy-to-use layout. Two users at the same time are free to use this tool for working the same file and stackedit automatically merges the changes of the file.

  Reedsy is the most useful tool for poem and poetry writers. This tool also helps in book publishing. You can easily write and edit your idea. This tool helps in rhyming. 

  this tool gives a goal and direction for your writing skill. This software has multiple options, you can simply browse this option in the tool section. And choose any option regarding your need. 


  This Is a book writing tool. We can simply use this tool by the login. Just choose the topic for our story and provide multiple Theam and templates according to your title. 

you can write books, thesis, short stories, or blogs by using this tool. This is really amazing tool for new writers who want to start writing their own books or story. 

All these tools are the best content writing tools for SEO, that will help to rank your content on search engines.

distraction-free content writing tools

Distraction works as a barrier in our writing. We met with so many distractions at the time of content writing. Such as when we work on google or chrome some popup starts to appear.

For distraction-free content writing, we use some tools that help us to write our content without any distractions. By using these tools we can focus on our content and complete it on time.


This tool prevents the distortion that comes at the time of writing. It is a distraction-free tool. Which is basically useful for Mac and iPhone users. This tool helps us to focus on our writing. This is an amazing and simple tool to use. 

focus writer

This tool also works like Ulysses, but this tool works for windows. We just download this tool before provides a distraction-free interface. 

With the help of this software, we can search for or replace any word from our document. this tool also designs the theme or template according to our needs. You can save your content by turning on autosave.


  This tool helps to increase our writing speed. Simply log in and use it. After logging in to this tool, it allows writing 750 words every day. 

The biggest feature of this tool is that you can’t exit here until you’re done counting 750 words. You can practice your writing and speed on daily basis with this free-of-cost tool. This is the best tool for writing practice.


Now I have shared the best content writing tools for SEO. By using all these article writing tools you can create unique content to rank on SERP. We can make a profession in content writing through our writing skills.

Content writing tools are really important to improve your writing skills. By using all these tools, we can save time and energy.

 By using these content writing tools we can modify our various types of mistakes like grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes. And change the design of writing. You can create your content in any language. You can edit and share our content. 

If you want to know more about digital marketing and content writing you can easily know about us on our site.

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