affiliate marketing for beginners

affiliate marketing for beginners | Why do people think affiliate marketing for beginners is a good idea?

In this blog I’ll explain Why do people think affiliate marketing for beginners is a good idea?

Before joining Affiliate Marketing, I knew that Affiliate Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing. And I knew the same in my institute as well.

But when I started affiliate marketing as a professor, I came to know that it is a field of digital marketing but completely different from it.

If you are also new in the field of Affiliate Marketing and want to make it your career in the field, then this blog Affiliate Marketing for Beginners will help you a lot.

In this blog I will share with you how you can start affiliate marketing step by step. And you can make your bright future in affiliate marketing.

With the help of affiliate marketing, you can increase your conversion sales and your income to a great extent.

A short introduction of affiliate marketing for beginners

 affiliate marketing for beginners
 affiliate marketing for beginners 

In a simple way,  affiliate marketing is such a way of marketing in which we connect to any brand by login and connect with that brand as an affiliate.  in which that brand gives us an affiliate link. With the help of this link, the seller tracks all our sales and referrals. And we sell and promote that particular product by using our affiliate code.

when a product is sold through our affiliate Id, the brand gives us a certain commission for that sale. This commission is our earning.

In Simply Affiliate Marketing, the advertiser and publisher are connected to each other in the form of profit sharing.

There are 4 core players in game of affiliate marketing

  1. Merchant: also known as retailer and brands. These brands are merchants whose products or services are sold by an affiliate.
  2. Network: Network contains offers for the affiliates and takes care of the payments.
  3. Publisher: also known as affiliate or trainer. These are the publishers or advertisers who sell or promote the seller’s product through their link.
  4. Customer: person who  buys the product or service by using our affiliate link. When a conversion is complete, the seller makes a sale count.

 Affiliate marketing process is completed by combining these four steps.

  1. Amazon associates
  2. Flipkart affiliate
  3. Survey Junkie Affiliate
  4. Ebay
  6.  Bluhost

How to start  affiliate marketing for beginners step by step

If you are serious in the field of affiliate marketing and really want to make good income from it, then definitely follow all these steps.

Choose a perfect niche

The first step is the niche of any marketing, which niche we are selecting. Are people interested in this? And can we make good income from this niche? Whether the niche we have selected is for long term use or not? Keeping all these things in mind, we select a perfect niche. Affiliate marketing starts from this niche only?

Create your own website

 When we have selected a perfect niche for ourselves, then in the second step, we create our own website to reach that niche to the people. To create a website, first we buy a domain and hosting. After that we customize our website by installing WordPress and make it user friendly.

Build an audience

 In the third step, we promote our website, we want to bring more and more customers to our website, for this we promote our website on different social media platforms. We use all on page and off page SEO techniques.. So that Google can rank our website on the search result page. And that helps us get more and more traffic and conversions.

Write quality and relevant content

When we have completed the above three steps, then the most important step is the blog or content. We write blogs related to our niche on our website. I have already mentioned the important things for the blog and content writing in a previous post. Blog is very important in affiliate marketing, because through blog we promote or sell a product.

In our content itself, we describe that product and the affiliate code of that product is applied. When a viewer reads your blog and clicks on that link, buys or subscribes to the product, then you get the same commission, so blogs are very important

Spy on your competitor

It is not enough just to write or promote the content, we also need to find our competitors and know their strategies. We always have to think and do ahead of our competitors. For this we always have to be up to date

Track your own performance

It is not enough just to write or promote the content, we also need to find our competitors and know their strategies. We always have to think and do ahead of our competitors. For this we always have to be up to date.

What platforms you can use for affiliate marketing

Blog website

As I have told above, we have to write blog content according to our niche and product and in that blog we also use the affiliate link of the product so that the user can click on that link and buy the product or service.

Social media

It is the best option to sell any product. Social media is a platform on which people of all age groups spend most of their time. We post product related videos and images with affiliate links on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Linkedlen,  Pinterest Twitter.

This is the best option to engage the customer. Here we easily get the targeting audience according to the niche.


YouTube is the second most searched platform after Google. We search on YouTube for any of our queries because YouTube only shows us the genuine and real results related to our query.

We create videos related to the product or service on YouTube and put our affiliate link in the description.

Google ads

 We also use paid ads and promotions to get noticed quickly by Google and the audience. We use Google Ads, Search Ads, Facebook Ads and Shopping Ads.

Product review

Product review is currently the best way to increase engagement. Before buying any product, the user sees its reviews. Engagement can also be increased by uploading the video of product review on YouTube or social sites.

 And if you are new to affiliate then product review video is the best option for you. In this, the brand provides you the product, in which you give a real review of that product.

Product comparison

Product comparison also works like product review, in which we compare a brand with another brand and share it on our website or social media platforms by creating its video or blog content.

Discount coupon and code

 everyone wants a discount,  we can use a discount code or coupon in our blog in our video. Discount codes or coupons increase the chances of selling your product even more.

You can tell in your blog or video that you will get a 40-50% discount if you shop with the given coupon. Then the interest of the people increases in shopping with your code.

Payment criteria in affiliate marketing for beginners

There should be content on your website

If you want to earn through blogging in affiliate marketing, then there should be 5-15 blog posts working on your site. Only after that you get approval from Google Adsense.

Minimum payment thresholds

The payment term in affiliate marketing is maximum 30 days. This is because affiliate brands give you your commission only after the refund time of the sold product is over. If your customer cancels or refunds the product after some time of purchase, then no commission is given to you by the brand.

Models of affiliate marketing:  

  1. Pay per sale (PPS):  80% of affiliate programs work on this model. In this model you will get your commission after completing a sale. 
  2. Cost per Acquisition (CPA): this model is mostly used for app installation or sign in, in any website. 19% of affiliate programs work on this model. 
  3. Cost per click (CPA): this model is rarely used in affiliate marketing. Less than 1% affiliate programs use this model. 


  I hope that with the help of this blog, it will be easy for you to know how to start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners step by step. In Affiliate Marketing, we sell other’s products through our link and get commission.

This is a best way of marketing because neither we have to buy the product nor do it have to be made. In affiliate marketing, the product is in your blog or video, but the link we provide to buy it, that link directly takes the customer to the product’s website. From where he buys that product or service and you get commission from his purchase.

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